What is this website?

Humanity is a website that hopes to help you explore the human condition (yes, that big sexy word) through open-access academic sources. The point is not to turn you into an academic, ready to take on the big shots. The point is not to offer an alternative to education. The point is to make you aware of things you weren't aware of before, allow you to think about it, and make aware decisions in what you believe and allow you to adapt to it. The point is, in other words, to allow you to take control of your humanity.

How does this website work?

The main part of the website can be found under submissions. Here articles will be submitted. A search function can be used to search by title, or by keywords identifying the submissions (psychology, philosophy, or more exact identifiers). Submissions will redirect to the article. No personal opinions, interpretations or views will be submitted there. As of now, that is not a goal of this website.

The resources page will contain resources that support you in reading the main articles. Think about texts helping you read scientific articles, explanations of certain paradigms to help you understand the basic concepts used in the main articles, platforms for further personal research, and so forth.

The Café
The Café is meant for discussion. Here you can make posts about articles, topics, disciplines, opinions, interpretations or personal views and discuss it with others.

About & Contact
About & Contact will contain information about me, and will allow you to contact me to offer feedback, ask questions or make suggestions for submissions.